The One with the Thoughts of Frans

Many improvements to crengine, new MuPDF, and much more!
Windows and Mac have added some conveniences over the past decade that I'm missing to some degree.
It's quite simple to do but surprisingly hard to find.
Resolve the weird "ERROR: Missing required OpenGL extensions."
It's quite simple. Open Settings → Window Manager → Keyboard.
Usability on non-touch devices, an automatic setting for warmth, Pocketbook Inkpad 3 and an AppImage for Linux desktop computers.
Thanks to gnome-keyring you won't get a useful error message. If you uninstall it, you'll get the real culprit right where it matters, but in retrospect ssh-add gives you the same error message.
The basic problem: the various mics I own are all pretty terrible in their own way. This is how to lift it from unacceptable to bad, but similar principles apply to better mics as well.
More natural light, speedups, and the H2Ov2.
Facebook's OpenGraph and Twitter Cards are mostly an annoying duplication of standardized metadata. Their main and perhaps only redeeming feature here is that they allow you to specify images to display. Alas, that's where the fun ends.
I messed up my automation of backups, meaning that after two years my entire VPS had secretly filled up. This lead to MariaDB being unable to initialize. After taking care of the root cause MariaDB still refused to start.
Gource is very cool, but a touch boring without a few minor touch-ups.
A little experiment with Gource.
It's in the docs, but I'm always losing it. So here's a quick overview of some of the ones that are more important to me.
Natural light support on the Kobo Aura One, two-column navigation mode, open with… and more!
Half a decade ago I neglected to jot this down, so I had to figure it out again. Just in case someone landed here searching for the most basic R problem, you start the program using uppercase R, not lowercase r. Anyway, to work with a package in a git repository or some such the easiest method is the devtools package. install.packages('devtools') library(devtools) load_all() Without any parameters, the load_all() function from devtools loads the current directory without installing. You could effect the same with more keystrokes using load_all('./'), and of course you can pass any path instead of relying on the current working directory. But in combination with git I find it easiest to just stick with that. After you've made some changes in the source, just run load_all() again.
Eenoog sloop voorzichtig door het huis.
They do look better this way, don't they?
Unlike the last one, this one didn't come for free with some nuts.
Letterboxd manages to send e-mails that aren't complete spam. Take note.
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