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As usual, there have been so many changes that it's difficult to tell a coherent story about them.
Apparently Muon was kicked out of Debian/Ubuntu for being inactive, but since it'll take a while longer for bitrot to set in, for now a quick forwardport will suffice.
Adjustable cover grid, fancy new CSS pseudoclasses and more.
We wish everyone a happy and prosperous 2024!
The user guide has had a big update.
You have to use the RADV_PERFTEST=rt environment variable to enable it.
Which plant bravely withstood the drought and now the wetness? Lavender of course! You can eat them too.
This will be the final release to support Android 4.0 – Android 4.2.
An interview with me, custom covers and more!
The FSF just published an interview with me about KOReader. Go check it out here! ;)
It's been another busy month squashing many bugs. Our Mac users will be happy to hear that I told macOS we've supported HiDPI since long before anyone came up with such terminology (#10341), and that the program can now natively build on M1 devices (#10291).
Myrkraverk inspired me to prompt DALL-E for "A fantasy creature called a JavaScript lounging on a bed being stroked by an Icelander in a romantic ominous painting style." The results are quite decent.
A big under the hood change is partial rerendering, which enables seeing the results of changed display settings much more quickly.
A slightly belated happy new year everyone! It’s a pretty big release, see the technical changelog underneath for details.
I'm filling in last minute for our regular artist. Everything's well, not to worry.
Not exercising patience, I updated to Kubuntu 22.10 on release (but post-beta), and immediately ran into an unsigned kernel module issue.
We skipped last month’s release because I was right in the middle of moving, which serendipitously coincided with fairly drastic changes that needed more time for testing, such as a big rewrite of gestures and multitouch.
The heat a couple of weeks ago got in the way of preparing the release, but here it is!
The user guide has been updated and greatly improved. There's also a new vocabulary builder plugin, which sports some impressive UI design.
The old F-Droid package has been properly archived. If you use it, please switch to the new one.
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