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A slightly belated happy new year everyone! It’s a pretty big release, see the technical changelog underneath for details.
I'm filling in last minute for our regular artist. Everything's well, not to worry.
Not exercising patience, I updated to Kubuntu 22.10 on release (but post-beta), and immediately ran into an unsigned kernel module issue.
We skipped last month’s release because I was right in the middle of moving, which serendipitously coincided with fairly drastic changes that needed more time for testing, such as a big rewrite of gestures and multitouch.
The heat a couple of weeks ago got in the way of preparing the release, but here it is!
The user guide has been updated and greatly improved. There's also a new vocabulary builder plugin, which sports some impressive UI design.
The old F-Droid package has been properly archived. If you use it, please switch to the new one.
Non-touch improvements have now made all of the most important functionality available to non-touch users.
PocketBook rendering is now handled directly with inkview and the terminal emulator has been completely rewritten.
For alleged security, the Discord client disabled basic functionality. To get it back, add this dark pattern named setting.
Perhaps the most interesting additions this month are the Book map and Page browser. The book map shows a map of the content of a book, including the ToC, bookmarks, read pages and non-linear flows. The page browser shows thumbnails of pages.
Around this time of year back in 533, Belisarius defeated the Vandals in the Battle of Tricamarum.
Did you know that mosquitoes are supposed to crawl up into their winter holes by late September in northern hemispheres? If you didn't, don't feel bad, because apparently the mosquitoes don't know either. The weather's too mild which is confusing them.
You can see many seagulls out and about this time of year, often even far inland. The biggest news this month may well be @zwim‘s new Autowarmth plugin.
It's been 18 years since Opera published their classic bork edition. I decided to revive Opera's classic bork script to protest artificial limitations to making websites appear like native apps on Android Chrome.
Traditionally, September cheese is made in — you guessed it — September. This is when the grass and milk are at their best. We hope this release won’t take as long to ripen though.
A kind soul has already taken care of everything over at pipewire-debian.
We now have a user guide thanks to @offset-torque‘s hard work. This should make it easier for new users to find their way across the program’s features.
Apparently action buttons have moved to the top now, even though people scan from the top left to the bottom right? xfconf-query -c xsettings -p /Gtk/DialogsUseHeader -s false
It was a nice spring month with a great quantity of smaller bug fixes, but nothing huge. In other news, there's a new contrib repository that can more freely accept most user plugin submissions.
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