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KOReader 2023.08 “Lavender”

As one of the maintainers of KOReader, a versatile a document and image viewer, I’m proud to announce the latest release.


Which plant bravely withstood the drought and now the wetness? Lavender of course! You can eat them too.

We’d like to thank all contributors for their efforts. Some highlights since the previous release include:

  • GestureDetector: Make two_finger pans & swipes report the same sort of data than their standard brethren (#10649) @NiLuJe
  • android: update to use NDK 23c (#10610) @benoit-pierre
  • NetworkManager: Enable “before wifi” action support on every hasWifiToggle platform (#10669) @NiLuJe
  • Style tweaks: notification on toggling style tweak with a gesture (#10674) @hius07
  • [PocketBook]Add support for InkPad Color 2 (#10685) @ckilb
  • Font list menu: allow sorting by more recently set (#10662) @poire-z
  • FileChooser: re-add file sort by “last date read” (#10682) @snelg
  • ArchiveViewer: view files (#10683) @hius07
  • NetworkManager: improve clarity for chatty framework user-facing explanation (#10696) @Frenzie
  • NetworkManager: Bypass isOnline on !hasWifiToggle platforms (#10697)
  • bump LunaSVG, crengine: add support for .docm (#10702) @poire-z @pkb
  • DeviceListener:onToggleFrontlight: add notification of “unchanged” (#10727) @hasezoey
  • bump luajit-launcher: more devices (#10732) @pazos
  • Autowarmth: Change strings “set” / “unset” to “turn on” / “turn off” where appropriate (#10733) @hasezoey
  • Kobo: Apply the AW99703 smooth ramp off fix to all affected devices (#10728) @NiLuJe
  • readerview: do not read/save inapplicable doc_settings items (#10710) @hius07
  • Dictionary: fix Fuzzy search setting appearance (#10721) @hius07
  • bump crengine: CSS caption-side, SVG, CSS and table fixes (#10746) @poire-z
  • View HTML: Show matched rules: ignore style & tweaks on long-press (#10746) @poire-z
  • Wikipedia: handle images in changed Wikipedia HTML (#10746) @poire-z
  • [plugin] Wallabag: strip trailing slashes from server URL (#10715) @clach04
  • QuickMenu: add long-press on profile (#10671) @hius07
  • Kobo: Unbreak Aura One support (#10758) @NiLuJe
  • Exporter: fixes (#10765) @hius07
  • ReaderFooter: Don’t reset the initial position marker like a cowboy (#10767) @NiLuJe
  • Kobo: Initial Elipsa 2E support (#10719, #10802) @NiLuJe
  • Kobo: Yet another attempt at working around the hangs on the latest NXP boards (#10771) @NiLuJe
  • Greek keyboard: update to the new keyboard layout (#10734) @ichnilatis-gr
  • Wikipedia EPUBs: re-add ToC in content (#10769) @poire-z
  • ViewHTML: fix content messed up when consecutive nbsp (#10769) @poire-z
  • util.prettifyCSS(): do better with more complex CSS (#10769) @poire-z
  • [chore] replace utf8 bytes with Unicode escape sequence (#10769) @poire-z
  • Statistics: Attempt to prevent rampant replication of null id_books (#10749) @weijiuqiao
  • Statistics: Close the DB handle in the vacuum OTM block (#10775) @NiLuJe
  • [AutoWarmth] use CheckButton for night mode toggle (#10762) @zwim
  • KOSync: Only nag about “Action when Wi-Fi is off” when toggling (#10785) @NiLuJe
  • Exporter: Replace newlines with commas in HTML, Readwise (#10788) @melyux
  • View HTML & CSS: fix minor spacing issues (#10799) @poire-z
  • Translator: explicit wording above each section (#10799) @poire-z
  • FileManager: truncate left in selected files list (#10783) @hius07
  • Profiles: fix New profile with current pdf document settings (#10778) @hius07
  • NetworkManager: Fully tear down WiFi on aborted connection attempts (#10803) @NiLuJe
  • Exporter: fix order for Readwise (#10824) @hius07
  • KOSync: Set sane socket timeouts properly (#10835) @NiLuJe
  • Calibre: Add reading status to the metadata search popups (#10842) @NiLuJe
  • InputText/InputDialog: fix keyboard issue (#10850) @poire-z

Full changelogclosed milestone issues

Installation instructions: AndroidCervantesChromeOSKindleKoboPocketBookReMarkableDesktop LinuxMacOS

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