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Ruby, better rotation handling, all updated calibre plugin, Hebrew.
This month we’ve seen quite a number of small improvements in various areas, such as support for book-specific style tweaks, support for ::before/after, an offline add link to Wallabag queue, as well as some Android fixes. Enjoy!
After updating to the latest Firefox ESR 68.8, my Firefox stopped autofilling the addressbar.
Good news for Kobo users! There’s a new launcher for apps and scripts called NickelMenu, and it’s supported starting with this version of KOReader.
Just your usual load of fixes. Proper handling of block elements inside inline elements, oh my!
Let's face it, all of KDE's task switchers other than Compact are awful in varying degrees. Unfortunately I found it to be missing. Luckily the solution is simple on Debian/Ubuntu.
There’s this upcoming videogame called Skatebird. The demo was quite promising. But what you didn’t know is that many of those birbs read heaps and gobs of classic literature from Project Gutenberg and Just like us!
Shamelessly lifted from Norbert Preining in case I forget. I still haven't actually continued Broken Sword 5 past the first few rooms, just like a few years ago. Create a file named ~/.alsoftrc with this in it. [pulse] allow-moves=true
Thanks to @tcrs the program has now been ported to the Remarkable.
The KOReader translation project has migrated to Weblate. Please head over there if you're interested in assisting with localization.
Rather annoyingly, you have to manually turn it on.
To share USB in VirtualBox guests, you need to install the extension pack on the host. On Debian, that's the virtualbox-ext-pack package.
KOReader's UI is gearing up for RTL, and there's a nice new keyboard layout picker.
It had some merit, but I enjoyed it an awful lot less than The Council.
As one of the maintainers of KOReader, a versatile a document and image viewer, I'm proud to announce the latest release.
I accidentally ended up on the Dutch "translation" of AliExpress. The machine responsible did the best it could, I suppose…
Right after that flying rhino, I also modded this croc.
I had some fun modding a little rhino toy.
ArsClip uses the same method of quick selection as my own Nimbler.
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