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KOReader 2020.01 “Indoor”

The KOReader translation project has migrated to Weblate. Please head over there if you’re interested in assisting with localization. More information is available here.

A small fix, but important if you used it, the LoginDialog widget no longer crashes on switching focus (#5749).

We’ve also added Liberapay link (#5770), in the form of a “sponsor” button in the top right here on GitHub. We’ve often received requests for something like this, and the platform looks promising.

We’d like to thank all contributors for their efforts. Some highlights since the previous release include:

  • Weblate migration (#5713, #5719, #5720, #5722, #5734) @Frenzie (hat tip to @yparitcher for some related fixes)

  • Unbreak the KUAL extension (#5715) @NiLuJe

  • [feat] Adds Document> Auto-save book metadata sub-menu (#5687) @poire-z

  • android: import from Storage Access Framework (#5686) @pazos
    Add an option to the filemanager “plus” menu to import files in current path using Android storage access framework.

    The new menu entry will be displayed on Android 4.4+. Once the user select one or more files in the dialog these files will be imported on the specified folder.

    Only supported mimetypes can be imported.

    On folders outside the file sandbox the “import files here” entry will be disabled.

  • Style tweaks: In-page footnotes: add some classic classnames (#5727) @poire-z

  • [feat] Option to change page gap in continuous mode (#5705) @mustafa-001

  • [RTL UI] Bidi-wrap filenames, paths, urls, metadata (#5696) @poire-z
    This also helps correctly displaying RTL and bidi filenames and directories in a LTR UI.

  • PicDocuments: fix crash on hold + pan (#5742) @poire-z

  • android: call EPD test from within KOReader (#5737) @pazos

  • [UX] Footer: add option to set font size (#5736) @robert00s

  • android: share text (#5745) @pazos

  • LoginDialog: fix crash on focus switch (#5749) @poire-z

  • Remove DSCROLL_MODE and DGLOBALGAMMA (#5754) @robert00s

  • Unbreak OTA on Kindle (#5758) @NiLuJe

  • [UX] Footer: add option to set progress bar min width (#5757) @robert00s

  • bump crengine: support inline-block, better text selection (#5763) @poire-z

  • bump android, fixes ntx landscape tearing, thanks to @char11 (#5769) @pazos

  • cre: add toggle-able crengine call cache (#5773) @poire-z

  • [UX] Keyboard for Arabic and languages with Arabic script (#5569) @WaseemAlkurdi

  • Make Inverted Portrait a first-class citizen (#5783) @NiLuJe

  • [UX] Footer: add options to show title and current chapter (#5775) @robert00s

  • [fix, plugin] Evernote exporter only writes one documents clippings when txt export used, rest is ignored (#5774) @mustafa-001

  • add turkish q keyboard layout (#5795) @mustafa-001

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