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Traditionally, September cheese is made in — you guessed it — September. This is when the grass and milk are at their best. We hope this release won’t take as long to ripen though.
A kind soul has already taken care of everything over at pipewire-debian.
We now have a user guide thanks to @offset-torque‘s hard work. This should make it easier for new users to find their way across the program’s features.
Apparently action buttons have moved to the top now, even though people scan from the top left to the bottom right? xfconf-query -c xsettings -p /Gtk/DialogsUseHeader -s false
It was a nice spring month with a great quantity of smaller bug fixes, but nothing huge. In other news, there's a new contrib repository that can more freely accept most user plugin submissions.
In a big step forward, this month @poire-z decided to add MathML support! In short, that means we can now read ourselves about Gaussian math in KOReader the way it was meant to be.
There have been many behind the scenes code cleanups and speed improvements, but the one thing that stood out most to me personally was the new show QR code plugin (#7310) contributed by @AntonLee. It's perfect to quickly check out an external link on your phone.
It's a new year, so we got ourselves a new haircut!
The biggest novelty this month is the reworked zoom functionality for paged documents.
In November we've mostly seen the usual batch of refinements and bug fixes. There are a couple of new plugins, and zombie states are now avoided on Android.
This month we've had more PocketBook fixes, and ToC ticks handling was simplified and thereby made better.
This month’s release addresses a few long-standing PocketBook platform issues to bring the experience more in line with other platforms.
Great news! My suggestion for segmented addressbars from Opera 11 Addressbar Revisited has been picked up by Vivaldi.
Ruby, better rotation handling, all updated calibre plugin, Hebrew.
This month we’ve seen quite a number of small improvements in various areas, such as support for book-specific style tweaks, support for ::before/after, an offline add link to Wallabag queue, as well as some Android fixes. Enjoy!
After updating to the latest Firefox ESR 68.8, my Firefox stopped autofilling the addressbar.
Good news for Kobo users! There’s a new launcher for apps and scripts called NickelMenu, and it’s supported starting with this version of KOReader.
Just your usual load of fixes. Proper handling of block elements inside inline elements, oh my!
Let's face it, all of KDE's task switchers other than Compact are awful in varying degrees. Unfortunately I found it to be missing. Luckily the solution is simple on Debian/Ubuntu.
There’s this upcoming videogame called Skatebird. The demo was quite promising. But what you didn’t know is that many of those birbs read heaps and gobs of classic literature from Project Gutenberg and Just like us!
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