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Run Quake 2 RTX with ray tracing on older AMD GPU

Reading some news items like this about RADV ray-tracing support in Mesa 21.3 and newer made me curious as to what it’d look like on my RX 580.

Because this wasn’t immediately obvious to me, since it’s experimental you have to use the RADV_PERFTEST=rt environment variable to enable it, i.e., something like:

RADV_PERFTEST=rt ./q2rtx

That way I can play Quake 2 RTX at over 40 fps in 640 × 480 on Mesa 22.0. Apparently the game doesn’t allow for lower resolutions, even though I believe it once defaulted to 320×200 at 256 colors. Oh well.

PS I actually wrote this draft over a year ago, intending to expand on it. But oh well, my bad. 😉

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