The One with the Thoughts of Frans

Unresizable dialog windows are the worst

Like the create a box dialog in Boxes, which I thought might be useful to quickly try a LiveCD.

Also see dialogs that only pretend they can resize.

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Dropbox sign-in annoyances

I don’t understand why so many places make signing in so hard.

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Steam Scaling on Linux

Since I don’t use Steam that much I don’t know when it was added, but it’s nice that Steam is no longer tiny on my UHD monitor.

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I was momentarily ecstatic that you could resize the Steam subscriber agreement

Such a rare occurrence, how nice that I can resize it, I thought. Until I actually tried to resize it. Notice how nicely it stays put to its initial size.

In its favor, it’s not one of those windows that prevent copying.

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Sort Folders Before Files in the Gtk3 Filechooser

It’s quite simple to do but surprisingly hard to find. Mixed files and folders confuse me. They seem disorganized.

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