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Sketching and conceptdrawing

So most of my time in the past few weeks has been in learning to draw like an industrial designer. For the rest I haven’t been doing very much, but that will change in a week.

Yesterday one of my new housemates held his birthday party here. I didn’t really know any of his friends and just talking to a bunch of strangers is always fun. I also met a girl who was really small, only 1,50m.

Perhaps I’ll finally watch V for Vendetta this evening. I know that I enjoyed the comic books.


My fish… a meme?

Remember the fish I drew which I wrote about earlier today? Well, when Joey saw it he created a nice image blend based on it.

Not much later, when I linked someone else who had seen both of those images to a painting by Rembrandt van Rijn of Europa, she said she was looking for my fishy in it. So I decided to take the initiative and I made a quick manipulation of the picture.

Then I suddenly realised it could work quite well as a meme. In case you’re interested, I saved what I used in the painting as a transparent PNG. So if you’re interested in making my fishy into a meme, I doubt it could get any easier.

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Grolsch Beer Experience

Yesterday we drank eight different kinds of Grolsch beer and gave it marks in various areas. I don’t particularly remember the details at the moment, but it was fun to be extremely critical and give really low marks to everything.

The Grolsch Weizen got my highest mark, a 7,5 overall.

We almost made a video to put on YouTube of a mate peeing in his glass and then drinking it, but he decided to get out of the drinking part the last minute. We do have some nice shouting videos though.

In other news, I realised that if I create stuff I should just throw it on my dA account for for future reference and such. So check out the fish I drew for Lin. It should be on its way to Portugal right now…


What is this?

It seems so real. So harsh. It forces me to do things. I must get up early tomorrow? What are you talking about? I have a cold and a tad of a fever? Why now? I must make extra effort to get enlisted in the sketching and concept drawing class? Damn you, life.

Oh that’s right, did you notice? I implemented my sidenotes here basically when I created this layout, more than half a year ago. But guess what, I never used them until now! Why not? I don’t know. Sidenotes are exciting!

What’s that? The washing machine stopped spinning. I will put my wet laundry on the lines now. They shall dry. Be smoke-free. That’s right, the past two weeks there was the introduction for the freshmen.

Of course I had to catch a cold just near the end of it. Great combination with a lack of sleep. So I slept, or at least stayed in bed, for 10 hours today.

I have to be at something at 10:00 in the morning tomorrow. Consequently I’ll start going to bed at around 22:45 today.

Luckily that way I only have to get up between 8:30 and 9:30, depending on how much I want to hurry.

But my wash is done. I must put it up to dry, I want clothes to wear, don’t I? I have to clean my desk. I need to be able to study. Solve mathematical equations, think of solutions to statical problems. Sketch and draw. My desk is covered with papers. It’s a mess. Dust all over. I need to fold my old laundry.

My vacation is technically not even over yet and I already kind of long for more? How lazy does that sound?

Bye, I’m off to do the laundry.

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I was attacked by two frogs

You have invited Kevin to start viewing webcam. Please wait for a response or Cancel (Alt+Q) the pending invitation.

Kevin has accepted your invitation to start viewing webcam.

Kevin: ?
Frenzie: the fucking frog sneaked in
Frenzie: it’s on my bed now
Frenzie: look
Kevin: Ewww maaaan
Kevin: XD
Frenzie: the green dot thing on the cam
Kevin: I see him
Kevin: and he’s gone
Kevin: XD
Frenzie: OH SHIT
Frenzie: fuck
Kevin: Go get him!
Kevin: To the left I think
Frenzie: fuck we have 4 frogs in total x.x
Kevin: lol
Kevin: someone leave a door open?
Frenzie: yeah, me
Frenzie: for like fresh cool air
Frenzie: how could I know they’d hop in my room x.x
Kevin: That might explain that then
Frenzie: ONE OUT
Frenzie: one to go
Kevin: xd
Frenzie: crap
Frenzie: I lost it
Frenzie: it might have jumped outside
Kevin: orrr it might be snuggling down under your sheets XD
Kevin: </cruel>
Kevin: Sorry
Kevin: 😛
Frenzie: Frogs are hermaphrodite right?
Kevin: umm… no, I think not
Kevin: some might be
Frenzie: I dunno
Frenzie: one was bigger and jumped higher
Frenzie: and appeared more male
Frenzie: the other smaller and… cuter XD
Kevin: I think the males are smaller
Frenzie: really?
Frenzie: hmm
Frenzie: well whatever
Kevin: 😛
Frenzie: either way
Frenzie: one was a real bitch
Frenzie: the huge one
Frenzie: the more normal sized one was reasonably easy to get out
Frenzie: god I must’ve looked like a fucking idiot
Kevin: probably
Kevin: ^_^
Frenzie: luckily NO ONE WAS WATCHING
Frenzie: except the frogs x.x
Kevin: Pity that, would have made an awesome anecdote to annoy you with
Frenzie: haha
Kevin: 😉
Frenzie: I’m thinking they might actually have gone into my room to HAVE SEX
Kevin: I tihnk they don;t have sex…
Kevin: The male ejaculates onto the eggs after the female lays them in water
Frenzie: so you think that if I’d have the door to the toilet open it’d be filled with frog eggs and sperm now? x.x
Kevin: unliekly
Kevin: They wouldn;t be able to jump out probably
Frenzie: I just attempted to catch the big one and it FUCKING JUMPED ON MY DESK
Frenzie: the toilet is like so much easier to get out of 😛
Frenzie: I now have…
Frenzie: frog fingerprints
Frenzie: on my printer
Frenzie: cuz it’s dusty
Kevin: Nah, there’s no purchase onm the bottom, all the water… well maybe
Frenzie: I dunno, if they dive first and jump through the water perhaps?
Frenzie: and they could also just be stupid and jump in there
Frenzie: and then there’d be eggs, sperm and two frogs in there
Frenzie: 😛
Kevin: yush
Kevin: time for a flush methinks 😉

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