The One with the Thoughts of Frans

I was attacked by two frogs

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Kevin: ?
Frenzie: the fucking frog sneaked in
Frenzie: it’s on my bed now
Frenzie: look
Kevin: Ewww maaaan
Kevin: XD
Frenzie: the green dot thing on the cam
Kevin: I see him
Kevin: and he’s gone
Kevin: XD
Frenzie: OH SHIT
Frenzie: fuck
Kevin: Go get him!
Kevin: To the left I think
Frenzie: fuck we have 4 frogs in total x.x
Kevin: lol
Kevin: someone leave a door open?
Frenzie: yeah, me
Frenzie: for like fresh cool air
Frenzie: how could I know they’d hop in my room x.x
Kevin: That might explain that then
Frenzie: ONE OUT
Frenzie: one to go
Kevin: xd
Frenzie: crap
Frenzie: I lost it
Frenzie: it might have jumped outside
Kevin: orrr it might be snuggling down under your sheets XD
Kevin: </cruel>
Kevin: Sorry
Kevin: 😛
Frenzie: Frogs are hermaphrodite right?
Kevin: umm… no, I think not
Kevin: some might be
Frenzie: I dunno
Frenzie: one was bigger and jumped higher
Frenzie: and appeared more male
Frenzie: the other smaller and… cuter XD
Kevin: I think the males are smaller
Frenzie: really?
Frenzie: hmm
Frenzie: well whatever
Kevin: 😛
Frenzie: either way
Frenzie: one was a real bitch
Frenzie: the huge one
Frenzie: the more normal sized one was reasonably easy to get out
Frenzie: god I must’ve looked like a fucking idiot
Kevin: probably
Kevin: ^_^
Frenzie: luckily NO ONE WAS WATCHING
Frenzie: except the frogs x.x
Kevin: Pity that, would have made an awesome anecdote to annoy you with
Frenzie: haha
Kevin: 😉
Frenzie: I’m thinking they might actually have gone into my room to HAVE SEX
Kevin: I tihnk they don;t have sex…
Kevin: The male ejaculates onto the eggs after the female lays them in water
Frenzie: so you think that if I’d have the door to the toilet open it’d be filled with frog eggs and sperm now? x.x
Kevin: unliekly
Kevin: They wouldn;t be able to jump out probably
Frenzie: I just attempted to catch the big one and it FUCKING JUMPED ON MY DESK
Frenzie: the toilet is like so much easier to get out of 😛
Frenzie: I now have…
Frenzie: frog fingerprints
Frenzie: on my printer
Frenzie: cuz it’s dusty
Kevin: Nah, there’s no purchase onm the bottom, all the water… well maybe
Frenzie: I dunno, if they dive first and jump through the water perhaps?
Frenzie: and they could also just be stupid and jump in there
Frenzie: and then there’d be eggs, sperm and two frogs in there
Frenzie: 😛
Kevin: yush
Kevin: time for a flush methinks 😉


  1. haha, classic entry. back to frans crazyness i see

    September 4, 2006 @ 23:59Permalink

  2. Are the frogs all right? 😐

    September 11, 2006 @ 0:16Permalink

  3. Yeah, they are fine. =)

    September 11, 2006 @ 1:52Permalink

  4. Good. 🙂

    September 11, 2006 @ 13:45Permalink

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