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Jocke unveals Clawfinger secrets

Wether you like Clawfinger or not, I doubt you’d deny that they have this incredible sound, so pay attention if you think your own band doesn’t sound fat enough yet. 😉 Jocke composed a gearlist.

Well, we’ve always got questions about what gear we’re using, so once and for all….here it is.

This is the live setup, since the studiolist is way too long. Let’s say, it’s basically the same 😉

Bård uses Gibson Les Paul Studios in drop D or drop C tuning, and Epiphone Barytone for the drop A tuning. As a backup, he uses an old Schecter 5-string Alt-guitar in drop A or GGGDG tuning (own invention 😀 ). The Guitar is plugged in a PODxt Live (the floorboard version) that’s been updated with the Model packs from That sucker is either plugged straight in the desk, or amplified with a monitor amplifier into a Line6 4×12″ Speaker.

Jocke (That’s me) uses a laptop computer (Pentium Mobile 1.73ghz/1.2GB RAM) with an EMU 16/16m soundcard for the samples, and whatever piece of shit midikeyboard to send the midi data 😉 It’s a M-Audio Keystation at the moment, but that can change in an instant. When I’m playing the guitar, I use an OLP MM5, modified with a Gibson 490T pickup in a drop A tuning. As a backup, I use another old Schecter 5-string with the same tuning. I run the guitar through a PODxt Pro, with all Model packs from, and routed just like Bårds guitar.

André uses Epiphone Thunderbird Goth basses through an uppdated PODxt straight in the desk.

Henka uses DW drums with Meinl cymbals, DW hardware and Promark drumsticks. His drumkit is more expensive than everybody else’s gear combined, but it sounds fucking unbelievable too. :mrgreen:

Zak uses whatever microphone available. Most often a Shure SM58, wireless or not.

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