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Wordcount in Word 2007

As I was typing something in Microsoft Office Word 2007 I noticed a new feature. In the past you could put some kind of button on a bar, but you still had to click a button to update the wordcount, rendering it kind of useless. Funny, how a few years ago I thought it would be so nice if Word would gain such a feature, but it took me weeks to notice it between the page count and the language display.

Automatic wordcount in Word 2007

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Microsoft likes Asians

A screenshot of the Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 installer featuring a smiling Asian woman.
Smile, you’re deploying applications!

This photo reminded me I haven’t seen Sun for quite a while in Lost.

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Internet Explorer 7 crash

I thought I had to share that Internet Explorer 7 is the only program on my computer to crash for quite a while.

Dialog showing 'Internet Explorer encountered a problem and needs to close.
Why always so negative, IE?

What has caused this crash, you wonder? Well, I opened Windows Live Mail and then pressed the close-button when I was done reading my mail.

This is the first time it crashed since I installed it a while ago, but Firefox 2, just to name something, hasn’t crashed. Opera 9 has crashed, but since I use it ten thousand times more than IE it’s not really comparable. Besides, it actually crashed upon loading the Windows Media Player plugin somehow.

Congratulations, IE7, for being the only program I don’t use 24/7 to crash on me in the past month.

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I like Internet Explorer 7

I’m not being sarcastic here. I like Internet Explorer 7 because it has some kind of built-in protection from installing itself. If it would include a third button to directly install Opera, I’d love it.

Internet Explorer 7 requires an additional 27559 MB to install.

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