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KOReader 2019.08 “Starling”

As one of the maintainers of KOReader, a versatile a document and image viewer, I’m proud to announce the latest release.


Enhanced EPUB rendering can now be enabled on demand (#5117). In the relevant jargon this means correct margin collapsing, honoring negative margins and more properly floating images. In regular people speech, it just means paragraph margins and images will sometimes look slightly better. Other nice improvements include viewing unsupported files in the file manager (#5129) and the ability to restart right from the update dialog (#5150).

A few new edge swipe gestures were added to the gesture manager (#5183), as well as spread/pinch configuration and font increase/decrease actions (#5188). On Android volume keys can now be ignored or used to turn pages (#5158). New contributor @sladflob added configurable sleep messages (#5121), and new contributor @lucarota fixed up some issues in the zsync plugin (#5184, #5185).

Image credit: public domain from Yale Center for British Art. “A Starling” by Isaac Spackman.

We’d like to thank all contributors for their efforts. Some highlights since the previous release include:

  • cre: toggable enhanced rendering (floats, collapsed margins…) (#5117, #5180) @poire-z
  • [feat] Add percentage read (and other book information) to sleep message (#5121) @sladflob
  • Auto-detect the touchscreen input device on the PW4 (#5113) @NiLuJe
  • TOC: baseline align chapter name and page number, adds some style tweaks (#5127) @poire-z
  • Fix Kindle model detection in some corner-cases (#5125) @NiLuJe
  • [feat] File manager – add option to view unsupported files (#5129) @robert00s
  • Cloudstorage – Add option to view unsupported files (#5131) @robert00s
  • Fix: Status bar hides text with minimal bottom margin (#5135) @robert00s
  • [feat] Make gesture intervals configurable (#5138) @robert00s
  • android: add support for different screen timeout setups (#5142) @pazos
  • [UX] Set font size for menu items (#5146) @robert00s
  • [feat] Wallabag: customizable articles count per sync (#5147) @michivi
  • [feat] plugins/Wallabag: archiving instead of deleting articles (#5148) @michivi
  • [sdl] Add support arrow key for next/prev page (#5149) @robert00s
  • [UX] Offer to restart KOReader after update (#5150) @robert00s
  • On (really old) Kindles, don’t crash if there’s no sysfs entry to read for battery capacity (#5161) @NiLuJe
  • android: add an option to ignore volume keys or use them to turn pages (#5158) @pazos
  • Add vertical edge gesture (#5156) @robert00s
  • Go Big or Go Home! (#5163) @NiLuJe — adds sensible defaults for the top-left home button
  • [lang] Rename ‘Scroll Mode’ to ‘Continuous’ (#5169) @Frenzie
  • Android: ignore touchscreen by user request (using a hardware key) (#5164) @Frenzie
  • fix “empty folder” when accessing nextcloud webdav (#5171) @jp8
  • Add gesture – show current book statistics (#5167) @robert00s
  • Fix: set custom screen DPI (#5165) @robert00s
  • [UX] Extend the touch zone for up button in touch menu (#5175) @robert00s
  • [fix] Add to SDL2 ffiLoadCandidates (#5176) @Frenzie
  • Fix: hold bottom left corner doesn’t work properly (#5177) @robert00s
  • Dict lookups: have them always interruptible (#5173) @poire-z
  • crengine: CSS attribute selectors and pseudoclasses fixes (#5178) @poire-z
  • docs: fix typo (#5134) @Jason-Cooke
  • [UX] Add horizontal edge gestures (#5179, #5181) @robert00s
  • Change default zoom mode & add warning message for fit page + scroll (#5170) @Frenzie
  • [UX] Add double finger up and down swipe gesture (#5183) @robert00s
  • minor: translate some menu text and error message (#5185) @lucarota
  • Fix: Zsync -> Subscribe to book share crashes (#5184) @lucarota
  • [fix] MuPDF: backport fix for upstream 698877 (#5187) @Frenzie
  • [UX] Add spread/pinch & font increase/decrease to gesture manager (#5188, #5189 ) @robert00s
  • [UX] Update for the greek popups (#5193) @noembryo

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