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Feed Pick: My New Feed Icon

Recently, it came to my attention that most browsers no longer visually notify users of the presence of newsfeeds. To rectify this gross negligence, I decided to add a little feed link on the top right. It was immediately obvious that an icon would go nicely with it. More specifically of course, an SVG icon.

First I looked at the most obvious source. These are some icons Mozilla put out there to promote feeds: the very same icons that for unfathomable reasons they no longer display in their browser by default.
I made some quick modifications to integrate it better with my theme.
I tried a few different looks. I realized this was opposed to the (not legally binding) guidelines for this icon. Partially because of that and partially because I still wasn’t happy with the visuals, I moved on.
I took a quick peek on openclipart, or rather in my local copy that integrates with Inkscape, and found this beautiful icon. So I took it as a new starting point.
And finally, I ended up with this. I’m still debating whether it needs a stroke on the outside, but I’m happy with it for now. Because it’s SVG it scales beautifully, and it’s only 600 bytes after some quick manual optimization. A 24×24 PNG image is twice that. Finally, to be a good net citizen and all that, I uploaded it to openclipart as a remix of the original.


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