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Uw Kinderen — Your Children

I thought this poem by Annie M.G. Schmidt was quite amusing; it also nicely characterizes the prose texts in the bundle from which I took it. The poem’s short, so you’ve got no excuse not to read it — assuming you speak Dutch, of course.

Een sprookje voor het slapen gaan
over de bijtjes en de maan,
over de elfjes teer en fijn,
die Artistiek Verantwoord zijn,
en over ’t zoete bloemenfeetje…
uw kind vindt het wel mooi, een beetje…
maar gooit de elfjes grif terzijde
voor strips met nare blote meiden.
Een kind is al zo gauw tevree:
een overval — een moord of twee.

Kind, huil maar niet, wees maar bedaard:
ik gooi Rie Cramer in de haard.
Hier is de strip, met stromen bloed.
Beng, weer een lijk. Dus wees maar zoet.

From Voeden, verschonen en in de wieg mikken. 2009, Querido.

For the speakers of English among us, I hereby offer you an impromptu translation:

A fairy tale for sleeping soon
about little bees and the moon,
about little elves frail and fine,
of artistically sound design,
and about the sweet flower fairy…
your child thinks it's nice, not very…
but promptly the elves aside it whirls
for comics with nasty naked girls.
A child is easy to entertain:
a robbery — a murder or twain.

Child, don’t cry, just be as if in a daze:
I'll throw Rie Cramer1 in the fireplace.
Here's the comic, with streams of blood.
Bang, again a corpse. So be good.

1. Rie Cramer is a Dutch author and illustrator of books aimed at little children.


Debian: International Fonts

Ubuntu comes with a large swath of international fonts installed by default, but Debian requires a little more attention. Although I can’t read the languages, I can recognize which script is which. Besides, boxes are just ugly.

  • East Asian: apt-get install ttf-arphic-uming ttf-wqy-zenhei ttf-sazanami-mincho ttf-sazanami-gothic ttf-unfonts-core (source)
  • Indic: apt-get install ttf-indic-fonts (source)
  • All together: apt-get install ttf-arphic-uming ttf-wqy-zenhei ttf-sazanami-mincho ttf-sazanami-gothic fonts-unfonts-core ttf-indic-fonts

These are merely the ones that I missed the most. I may update this post in the future.

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