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What's Going On?

Well, I surely don’t use this weblog to its full potential at this point in time. I suppose the main negative factor in my amount of writing is the lack of something that I feel is somehow important to share with the world.

Nevertheless, a couple of interesting things have happened. During the Christmas vacation I hung out with a few of my old friends, which was nice. I also went to the beach where I shot this video of a lone Sanderling on the beach. I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen one on its own before.

My whole plan of learning Latin has more or less failed so far. I could only take along so many books to my parents during the vacation and the Latin books didn’t make the cut. Because I was quite busy during the two weeks prior to the vacation I hadn’t done anything about it then either, so by now I’ll have to start over again, because I’ve forgotten at least a third of the tenses by now already. On top of that my main reference and motivator was supposed to be the woman mentioned above.

The most important change in my life I haven’t mentioned yet, however. In half a year I’ll move to Utrecht to study English Language and Culture at the Utrecht University.

Another important change is that Clawfinger will exist in a different way from now on.

Maybe it’s time I got my hair cut.

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