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Microsoft likes Asians

A screenshot of the Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 installer featuring a smiling Asian woman.
Smile, you’re deploying applications!

This photo reminded me I haven’t seen Sun for quite a while in Lost.

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Windows Vista

Two days ago I decided to install the recently released Windows Vista to my laptop.

I was unimpressed until I discovered the new volume control.

For the rest it includes various improvements like a speed on file copying. Also, know that annoying “preparing to delete” from every other Windows version? This one tells you exactly what it’s doing while preparing (“x files left to prepare”). Very nice.

But that’s not all the fun, there are degradations like tiny preview-based alt+tab as well. As I understand I have to go into the registry to get back the “classic” alt+tab.

For the rest, best installation I’ve ever seen, but 7GB free (10GB free preferred) is an awful lot of space and it seems I’m using 645MB or RAM right now for Opera and Windows Live Messenger only, which admittedly is only about 50-100MB more than XP did.

All in all I just have some minor hardware incompatibilities left (like my webcam), which I assume will be fixed soon.

Oh, one last thing. The mousecursor looks exactly like the one in Ubuntu.

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