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Dutch 2006 elections

Today are our elections, I was wondering wether I’d write something about it, when my newsfeeds notified me about ppk’s excellent post regarding our elections.

These were the first elections directly of importance to our nation-wide government I could vote in and I found it very hard to make a pick. For example, almost all parties are against Turkey joining the EU, whereas I am in favour. And those in favour want to give more of our own governmental functions away to the EU, which I am definitely not in favour of. And so on and so forth. The Stemwijzer (vote pointer), a computer program designed to help you make a pick, also managed to pick this up and showed me as having at most 21% similarity in ideas with the parties most coinciding with my view.

I was mainly in doubt between SP (Socialistic Party), D66 (Democrats 66) and EénNL (One NL). D66 I didn’t really consider an option because they managed to mess up so badly over the past 4 years, leaving SP and EénNL.

I voted EénNL, for SP is too conservative for my taste and I also dislike the most likely coalition partners for SP a lot more than those for EénNL, if any of them would end up in the government at all. Tomorrow I’ll link to ppk again, for I have extremely little time in the following couple of days.


  1. Certainly, the Dutch system makes much more sense than our congressional elections here in the states. I also like the idea of a program helping to align your views with a particular party. I can add this to why “Why the US political system” sucks argument as an alternative.

    November 22, 2006 @ 20:28Permalink
    Ethan Poole

  2. There are multiple of those actually, made by various organisations. 🙂

    November 22, 2006 @ 21:12Permalink

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