The One with the Thoughts of Frans


Last Friday. I’m on the ferry. Time is Running Out blaring from my earphones, long lines of cars are driving on the ferry. A green light flashes and it’s finally getting dark.

The flashing green light gives a nice feel in combination with the orange and white streetlights. Everything looks new. It was recently painted. That makes a remarkable difference between comfortable and uncomfortable, like on certain train stations in Amsterdam.

As the ferry takes takes off, the lights disappear in the distance. The green light keeps flashing. The espresso created by the machine is decent. Nothing special. The speakers announce that you are not allowed to smoke.

The strong wind creates waves. Waves, which make the ferry rock gently from the left to the right. A child, clearly inexperienced with this phenomenon is surprised by an unexpectedly strong one and falls over. I catch her. She smiles at me and runs back to her parents. Cute.

I cannot spot the flashing green light anymore. The greater view of all the lights in the city and the harbour presents itself. Or perhaps the hugging couple in front of me – enjoying the view – blocked the specific light. It doesn’t matter. After looking forward during a long trip in a train, looking back is a nice change of pace.

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