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The Polish invasion of The Netherlands

I don’t know if you heard or read about it on the news. But Poland opened up its archives fairly recently. Most importantly, it contained the plans for the Polish participation in a Soviet invasion of Western-Europe around 1970.

A map showing the Polish plans for invading the Netherlands.
Polish invasion plans (photographed by Pawel Piotrowski)

Observe the red bombs on Amsterdam, Den Haag, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Apeldoorn and Zwolle in the Netherlands, Antwerpen in Belgium and Bremen or so in Germany. They don’t just mean bombing raids, they mean tactical nukes.

The entire advance drawn (stopping in Belgium) is in the course of seven days. It would have to be this fast, because after one week the Polish troops would become ill from the nuclear fallout. After this week, in which Germany, The Netherlands and Denmark are conquered the Polish cannon fodder would be replaced with White-Russian and Ukrainian cannon fodder to continue the advancement into France and such. The area up to the Rhine would have to be conquered before they became really ill.

All of this is just the part the Polish would have played. Keep that in mind. I’ll update with some English language sources if I come across them, I copied this picture of the map from the NRC Handelsblad.

One thing is certain. A nuclear war would have fucked up the world. Badly.

Also see research on the matter in a broader spectrum.


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  1. so why didnt this happen in the end?

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