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Swedish babes?

Most of the spam I get (which is of course intercepted automatically) seems to focus on hot Swedish babes. Do they have a reputation in the US? Other than mostly being blonde, I don’t see anything particularly special about Swedish babes.

Right now I’m SOG-ing, which means studie ontwijkend gedrag, or in English, study evading behaviour. That can range from posting on a weblog to going out to take a bike-ride in the nice weather (with a stop by the supermarket on my way back), all of which I’m going to do.

In other news, we’re on to the quarter finals. Kick-ass. 😛 Anyway, I may work something out with a girl from the US to send her a mega-wuppie, as she saw them on a picture of me with a mate and fell in love with it.

The last CD I bought was Kiss Me (EP) by Clayborn. You should check them out once they release an album, which is planned for later this year. Except one song you can get them all from their website in 128kbps mp3.

I just discovered that summer vacation is only a few weeks away, yet I haven’t really made any plans yet. Perhaps I should work out the going to Romania for a week thing, where I’d stay at the place of some guy who lives there.

Internet is sweet for international relations.

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  1. i really want to go romania. if i dont go to university it is one of the places i plan on trecking to next summer

    June 17, 2006 @ 19:41Permalink

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