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Illegal downloading

My order arrived today (The Offspring’s Smash, David Bowie’s Diamond Dogs and Pratchett’s The Wee Free Men, which is a book, not a cd ;)).

I just thought I had to mention that except for Pratchett’s book (which was based upon Mel’s recommendation) I probably bought all of them because of illegal downloading.

By that I don’t directly mean that illegal downloading is good, but I do mean that this is the only way I get the control over the media I want (by buying non copy-protected CD’s), combined with the fact that the current marketing methods usually aren’t good most of the time. In fact the last album I think I really bought without having listened to it first in one way or another (including downloading, but also at friends or such) was Slipknot’s self-titled album, which I listened a bit in the record store and decided to buy it. It’s not directly bad, but turns out it’s worse than I originally thought (4 years ago that is).

I suppose this post was sort of hard to follow, which is easy to explain. I’m just typing down an inner battle in the hope to get more clarity of my personal view on it.

I do however think it’s righteous for me to get like a 2000 prints limited album in mp3 form, simply because it’s not available in any other way. I think the law actually states that that is allowed, at least for libraries.

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