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I just received one of those brilliant junkmails


I know this mail may come as a surprise to you, since we do not
know ourselves or have any previous contact before now, my purpose of
writing you is this.
We believe that you would be in a position to
help us in our bid to transfer the sum of twenty-seven million five
hundred thousand dollars ($27.5m) into a foreign account.
We are
members of a special committee for budget and planning of the ministry
of petroleum, this committee is principally concerned with contract
appraisals and approvals in order of priorities as regards capital
project of the federal government. With our positions, we have
successfully secured for ourselves the sum of twenty-seven million five
hundred thousand united states dollars ($27.5m).
The present
government in my country are seeking the support of foreign
governments, so they gave directive to all federal parastatals to
compile and settle all foreign contractors being owned for contract
that has been executed, so our plan is to include the name that you
will provide us, as one of the contractors being owed in my
corporation, the Nigerian national petroleum corporation (NNPC).
we need from you is (1) a company name or a name of which to use as the
company that did execute the contract (2) an account even if empty into
which the fund will be transferred, this is because our code of conduct
prohibits government officials from operation or owning foreign
It has been agreed that the owner of the account will be
compensated with US$8.3million of the remitted funds; we will keep
US$16.5million, while US$2.7million has been set aside to offset
expenses and pay the necessary taxes. It may also interest you to know
that two years ago similar transaction was carried out with one Mr.
135, East 57th street, 28th Floor, New York 10022 with telephone (212)
308-7788 and telex number 6731689, after the agreement between both
partners in which he was to take 25% of the remitted fund (fifteen
million united state dollars $15.000.000.) was duly transferred into
his account only to be disappointed on our arrival in New York as we
were told that Mr. Brooks was no longer on that address, while his
telephone number had been re-allocated to somebody else, that was how
we lost our money to Mr. Brooks.
This time around we need a more
reliable and trusted person or a reputed company to transact this
project with hence this proposal to you, so if you can prove yourself
to be trustworthy ready to partake in this project then we are prepare
to do business with you.
What we need from you is the assurance that
you will let us have our share after the transfer of the fund ($27.5
million) into your account.
If this proposal satisfies you,we can
advice you on modalities of the transaction, and note that all
modalities has been worked out and once started will take less than two
weeks with the absolute support of all concerned.
Note that this
transaction is 100% risk free and totally safe now or after the fund
transfer to your account. I will also like you to forward to me your
telephone number for easy communication. Please treat as urgent and
confidential as I look forward to your reply.

Best Regards,

Engr.Nelson Barth

I wonder if I should start a conversation fooling the senders of such mails sometime. I once saw this site from a guy who always replied seriously and got the scammer saying all kinds of brilliant things when he said he had received another similar offer. The scammer would explain all the methods used, but still said he was trustworthy himself. On the other hand, it’s been done. At best I’d get similarly funny results, so it’d be a waste of time.

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  1. Mwaaaah, why does everybody get funny emails like that, and I dont? 😉

    Whoops, I really hope you’ll like the book. (ref. to prev. post)

    February 15, 2006 @ 19:45Permalink

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