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Arrival dates

I placed a reasonably big order at yesterday, basically combining a birthday present to self (The Wee Free Men) and a few things I wanted to order anyway. I would’ve ordered some of them earlier of course, but the sending costs are always € 1,95. This way it only adds about 40 cents per item. 😉

Aantal Prijs Totaalbedrag Titel Levertijd
1 EUR 9.99 EUR 9.99 Piranha, Game 2-3 weken
Controller Black
1 EUR 8.99 EUR 8.99 The Wee Free Men 3-4 werkdagen
1 EUR 7.99 EUR 7.99 Diamond Dogs 3-4 werkdagen
1 EUR 12.99 EUR 12.99 Smash 3-4 werkdagen
1 EUR 15.00 EUR 15.00 Mezmerize Op werkdagen voor 17.00
besteld, morgen in huis

Subtotaal EUR 54.96
Verzendkosten EUR 1.95
Totaalbedrag EUR 56.91

Anyway, the funny thing is that Mezmerize is an “order before 17:00 on workdays, at your place before 12:00 next day”-item. The Piranha Gamecube controller was a similar item last week when I first considered buying it.

Turns out it turned into 2-3 weeks expected delivery time yesterday.

When I checked early this morning (around 8:00 before I left like 20 minutes later) it said Mezmerize and the Piranha controller had been sent. Expected time unchanged. Later when I just got home (10:30) a friendly delivery guy came by. He brought a pretty big package. As expected, it contained both the controller and the album.

I just thought it was sort of funny, considering that it still says that the expected delivery time is 2-3 weeks, yet it already arrived.

Of course it’s always better to say it will take a while and deliver it in a shorter time than the other way around. Perhaps game publishers could learn from that.

On a different note, definitely consider buying Mezmerize and Hypnotize, it’s basically a brilliant double album by System of a Down. The price for Mezmerize had finally dropped to an acceptable level and I will buy Hypnotize as well in a few months when it’s somewhat cheaper.

Since both and I use Postbank (and thus have Giro) my online payment (which I make after arrival and checking the items) is always instantly. The system thus also updates and changes the status to sent without any extra information (about delivery time). So the funny thing has disappeared, alas. 😉

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