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American visitors dominate

I just decided to check my stats and apperently people coming from American-based IP’s take up nearly 70% of my traffic. Not that I specifically aim for any kind of traffic, but it’s still quite a surprise. Assuming that Ethan doesn’t refresh this page all the time of course. 😛


  1. Ethan just loves to read about your life…lol

    February 6, 2006 @ 19:14Permalink

  2. Not unless my RSS reader (Opera) is checking your feed over and over. That’d be odd though.

    Actually at Lowter we get primarily 90% US traffic. I am surprised as I visit often, but in comparison to the amount of European forum members I figured I’d be dominated. Guess I was wrong.

    Plus most of our traffic comes from direct bookmarks and Google. I am guessing that maybe Google just has higher American traffic.

    February 7, 2006 @ 3:15Permalink
    Ethan Poole

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