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A new tool

Who doesn’t love a new toy/tool? And best of all, it’s free. I consider the Opera 9 technical preview 2 to be far more exiting than IE7 beta 2 or the latest Firefox nightly. “Living on the edge” as I am, I will migrate my custom settings and start to use it as my main browser. Not that I ever felt on the edge with an Opera technical preview (except perhaps with the experimental BitTorrent implementation), so kudos for that.

I am not too sure about the new thumbnails if you hover over tabs. As I seldomly use that anyway I decided to enable them as well for ctrl+tab. It seems to slow down things a little without being really useful, but I’m going to leave it enabled for a while to see if I like it. Perhaps it’s useful if I have more than 30 pages open, but I seldomly have and in the few cases I do have so many windows open, I consider the windows manager the most convenient way to deal with them in Opera.

Then there’s the addition of widgets, but you should know that I uninstalled Konfabulator quickly after trying it once it became free. For now the only widget I considered interesting enough to enable was the analog clock, which is not interesting at all, especially since I use the ASD Clock (don’t mind the design, I’ll be involved in creating something good looking, semantic and standards compliant in the future).

Anne wrote about it. Tim wrote about it. Moose posted about his personal work on the internal stylesheets and, of course, updated the designer setup. I personally do keep the risky Javascript enabled however, so if you’re like me, keep in mind that you’ll have to edit that. Moose’s idea is of course to only enable Javascript on sites you trust and keep it disabled anywhere else except to enable it to quickly check something out, but I’m lazy for now. First I should update my site-specific styles to the new method anyway.

I don’t think there’s more to tell, except perhaps where to get it and where to read the changelog.

I only just noticed. The history is finally similar to IE’s history, which, as far as I’m concerned, is good.

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