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Musical alphabet

I decided to make an alphabet in music, but it got a little fucked up because I liked too many artists which made a chance. Then I changed by only counting frontnames and not surnames because that made it possible to list more artists without fearing my conscience. This list gives a better insight in what I consider good music than Last.FM, but as an A-Z into music it lacks.

  • Art Brut. Close calls for Agalloch and Atrocity.
  • Billy Talent for being the coolest new punkish thing I discovered lately. Close call for The Bloodhound Gang and Boudewijn de Groot. The Beatles have some cool songs and especially their latter material is also quite experimental and cool, but they’ll probably occupy this spot on most of these kinds of lists anyway.
  • Clawfinger. Perhaps Creedence Clearwater Revival if Clawfinger didn’t exist.
  • David Bowie. If I’d have let him count for B then Billy Talent wouldn’t have had a chance and I like them. 😉 Doe Maar is also quite cool, but Bowie simply made too much good music to let anybody else have a chance. Or perhaps I simply shouldn’t make an A-Z list if I like Bowie and Billy Talent both better than Doe Maar.
  • Eminem. Ennio Morricone as distant second for all of his brilliant soundtracks for westerns. Eurythmics as third for having this neat sound everybody likes (or should like).
  • Feindflug. I don’t believe they are right wing as they’re accused to be, although I must admit that they make nazi material sound cool in a modern way. But they use such samples that if they’d mean that as support, then they’d be insane, nazi or not. They can only be meant as critisism. Fatboy Slim, Frank Zappa and Frank Sinatra very close calls as well.
  • Gorillaz. Their sound is very cool and you can hear a lot of work goes into making each song sound just right. Garbage and Green Day fall off because I only really like one of their multiple albums.
  • HorrorPops. They’re pretty cool and there’s no real contestant to the H-spot. Perhaps Harry Belafonte. But then he’d also compete to the letter B. That would make it too crowded there.
  • Iggy Pop. In Extremo is close.
  • JJ72. I really like their sound. Jack Off Jill and Jimi Hendrix Experience are close.
  • Korn. I particularly like their first four albums and their latest, but all of their albums are good. There isn’t really any contestant either. Krezip is fun, but not great or anything.
  • Lordi. Especially Blood Red Sandman is a great song. Led Zeppelin is something everybody will say (with good reason though) and Linkin Park or the lostprophets are a little bit too much of my musical past, although they are certainly cool. Ludwig von Beethoven is also a contestant, but strictly speaking that’s yet another one for the B, a seriously overcrowded letter.
  • Metallica. I was going to say Marilyn Manson because there is nothing better until I realised there most certainly was. Michael Jackson and Muse are also considered.
  • No Doubt. Nine Inch Nails is certainly the best, but I enjoyed No Doubt more the past few months. NWA and Nina Simone are also considered.
  • Oomph! Possibly the band which most inspired Rammstein, but certainly much more than just good inspiration. Okkervil River is also very good, but sadly for them I am not that familiar with their music yet. Not that it matters much as I doubt more than ten people or so will actually do more than just give this list a quick glance and will actually read everything I wrote into it. The Offspring is a third, but would definitely have taken this position last year.
  • Pink Floyd. There’s not much choice, is there? Papa Roach isn’t bad nor are the Pixies, but still inferior to Pink Floyd’s The Wall.
  • Queen. I have to as except for Queens of the Stone Age I can’t think of any artist with the letter Q who has one song I like quite a lot.
  • Rammstein. Rage Against The Machine very seriously considered.
  • Samael. They are somewhat in the same genre as Shai Hulud, but better, are superior to Saliva’s rock & roll sound, Shania Twain and Shpongle also have to move over, leaving Star One and System of a Down as very serious contestants. Actually considering it a bit more it’s a definite tie with System of a Down
  • Tenacious D. But Tool certainly isn’t bad.
  • Underworld. I don’t want to say U2 and The Upskirts and Ultravox aren’t top class material.
  • Van Halen. The Velvet Revolver isn’t my thing and the Vandals are quite cool, but not great enough.
  • White Stripes. Close second for “Weird Al” Yankovic. Wagner isn’t bad either. Although following the method I used he should compete for J.
  • Xzibit. Complete lack of competition however.
  • Yes. For the song Owner of a lonely heart (and a few others) and because of lack of competition. Perhaps the Yardbirds, but I don’t like them.
  • Zager & Evans. Better than Zebrahead, despite having only one song.
Tom nicked my idea.

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