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All I’ve posted about recently was music. In fact I have yet another post planned about managing my ripped electronic (lossy) music collection. The past few days I’ve been playing around with various things. I’ve been checking out Last.FM recommendations, I read Last.FM functions better if you have MusicBrainz tags in your music, so I also played around with the new Picard tagger and added some information (mainly about release dates) to the MusicBrainz database.

Sadly this seems to have introduced some kind of incompatibility with my current tag-setup, because Picard seems to remove the album art from the tags, whereas Tag&Rename seems to remove the MusicBrainz tags. I am slowly moving closer to a semi-perfect solution though. Tagging first with Picard, then altering some things with Tag&Rename (losing MusicBrainz info tags) still seems like the best solution, as convenience for me is obviously more important to me than convenience for some machine in England.

So expect my post on what I consider the currently closest to perfect way to manage your music collection soon. And nobody should dare to say iTunes in response to it. 😛


  1. Well…..

    I use iTunes to manage all of my music. I can easily manage it into Smart Playlist (which is a blessing, since I got use to SmartFolders in OS X). This way I just drag and drop some file right into my Library and it appears in the right folder (or I’ll make one to hold info for that playlist).

    I can quickly short my favorite songs into a playlist.

    I can also create playlist that contain my favorite music (based on play count and/or rating). I use this feature a lot.

    Your method just seems like a bunch of wasted time. I don’t have enough free time to sit there and tag all of my music that in depth.

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    Ethan Poole

  2. My method doesn’t take long, at most 30 seconds or so. All that takes long is the ripping itself, you’re going to have that no matter what program you use to rip. I do have a large music collection, but that built up over time, it’s not like I spend every minute of my free time tagging music. 😉

    This week I ripped about 6 albums, 5 of which to replace lower quality rips I did about 3-4 years ago. That took a while, but you can just do whatever you like while that’s going on. Taking the CD in and out of my drive is about half the time it takes to tag and rename everything.

    Neither did I spend more time on it in the past, as then my quality standards were simply much lower. Over time both my tools and I got more effective at it, making the tools do almost all the work by merely clicking a few buttons.

    My foobar2000 doesn’t have any kind of favourite playlist type of thing, I’ll give you that, but that’s my own choice. I could’ve installed a plugin or used Winamp which does offer that. If I press shuffle I’ll usually hear something I like and otherwise I can always press next. I might be getting tired of my favourite this week song by now for example…

    The methods I use do show some similarities with the Überstandard, but I got there by myself and I think it’s a little too MUST. But there has been put some serious thought into it and especially the one regarding classical music is worth checking out.

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