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A new WordPress, a new weblog

Actually the release of WordPress 2.0 and this new weblog have no connection at all, it just so happened that Ethan gave me this as a Christmas present at the same time WordPress 2.0 was released. I knew for sure that I wanted to try something other than WordPress 1.5 and what can be better for that than WordPress 2.0, the tool which already served me well for almost six months?

So far I only set up a few basic things. It should be noted that a few setting related things, most particularly the permalinks, are even smoother than they already were. The usage of AJAX in the entry management is nice (it makes deleting so much smoother), but that doesn’t make me hate the (in my view) abuse of the name of Ajax any less. Also it still displays replies related to a post after deleting it, which isn’t bad, but it did cause me to click delete and get a “this reply doesn’t exist” message, which certainly could confuse new users.

The rich text editor is nice and can easily be disabled, but sadly a few tiny things like inserting links don’t work on Opera. That’s more likely the fault of the incomplete Rich Text implementation on the Opera Technical Preview I use than of WordPress.

Before the end of the year, I will finally put the Calendar back online, as I’ve had many mails requesting it. Further I doubt I will post much here during the rest of the holidays.

For the record, the two posts previous to this one were a test of the importing mechanism and do not indicate the age of this spot on the web. This post does.

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