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An assignment

Melantrys passed some meme to me, and, in lack of a different weblog, I decided to post this here for now and not in a comment. Else this place [the MyOpera blog] looks so deserted… oh wait, it already did? I can only say one thing to that: bluh.

Seven Things I Plan To Do

  1. Spend some more actual time on my studies.
  2. Let that result in getting ECs.
  3. Get my hair cut.
  4. See every episode of Lost and keep up with the US (Mel already said that, but it applies to me as well. In fact, I’m her Lost-source, or whatever that should be called; Lost-source sounds really weird).
  5. Winter sports (skiing and snowboarding) sometime before I’m 80 and am not flexible enough anymore.
  6. Visit the US, Canada, Italia and… well, just more of the world.
  7. Own a huge library of books to read in peace and quiet.

Seven things I can do

  1. Say very strange things semi-random such as My moon-name is Oela-Bikila! and make people laugh by that.
  2. Write amusing stories.
  3. Blow up a clap-switch by turning the voltage too high and clapping.
  4. Get two girls in my bedSurvive Italian pillows.
  5. Completely ignore the apocalypse while reading a good book or playing a good game.
  6. Notice the apocalypse three hours later when my laptop dies from lack of energy. Meanwhile I wouldn’t notice the lights going out, of course.
  7. Automatically filter out advertisements and religious crap with my brain so that I don’t remember what people told me if it had something to do with religion.

Seven Things I Can’t Do

  1. Concentrate on things I have to concentrate on.
  2. Watch Lost before it’s broadcast in the US.
  3. Murder Bill Gates, put on some stupid glasses and pretend to be him.
  4. Stop considering Opera superior to all other browsers.
  5. Watch a big mess in the living room and not clean it up (well, usually).
  6. Keep track of time while playing Rome Total War or reading a good book.
  7. Consider Balkenende a great leader.

Seven things I say most often

  1. "Hmm". Can mean anything from "what?" to "yes" to "no" or "not funny" to "crap, no inspiration to make one of my usual senseless comments".
  2. "Bluh". Braby gave me this word which I now always use for "whatever".
  3. "lol". Often in the Dutch sense, the consequence of which is that it results in the laughing out loud sense if foreigners don’t understand that.
  4. "Skol". The word I use most often for "cheers". Other favourites include "proost", "prosit" and "santé".
  5. "Godverdomme". It sounds really good, it reliefs when you hurt something and it can possibly offend Christians. What more do you want?
  6. "Ja". Isn’t yes possibly the most used word in any language (as long as "hmm" isn’t used as global replacement)?
  7. "Girl, girl, girl". The start of the lyrics of Anouk’s song "Girl" which is pretty much our flat anthem.