The One with the Thoughts of Frans


My name is Frans. I was born in the winter of 1986, lived in the Netherlands for most of my life, and am currently living in Belgium.

My interests include languages and coding. You can view my Github profile for a sampling of the latter.

You can get a vague impression of my musical taste at Last.FM, and you can follow me on Twitter.


You can send an email to frans you might want to remove these wordsde jonge (written as one word) at gmail dot com if you wish to contact me.


This site is built with valid, semantic HTML and CSS. Insofar as the validator displays errors or warnings regarding HTML, for the most part it is just making a lot of noise for no reason, although of course it is possible for me to make mistakes here and there.

Most of the nature photographs used to style this site were supplied by Tom McKee, the header photograph is my own, and a couple of pictures were taken from GeekPhilosopher.