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KOReaver 2023.10 “Ovis”

As one of the maintainers of KOReader, a versatile a document and image viewer, I’m proud to announce the latest release.


Image credit: Bing Image Creator (Dall-E 3)

The user guide has had a big update. Included below is the full release announcement.


This is the biggest ever update to the guide. 2 years ago I started with the intention to make a simple how-to guide. With this release, user guide reached 60 A4 pages ! KOReader might be the best documented reader app now 🙂

Our guide is now a HTML document:

It was very tedious to recreate the PDF as a web page (especially considering that I had to learn CSS to do it).
But there are many benefits like:
– More frequent and real-time updates
– Better compatibility for smaller devices
– Ability to directly link to it in issues and discussions
– Possibility to be packed as an EPUB
– PDF sucks

Also I recently noticed that our color palette in the guide was not suitable for color blind people. Some important items were indistinguishable for color blind users so I updated the colors to provide nice contrast for them too. Also added icons and visual aids to make the text more accessible.



  • Recreated the guide in HTML
  • Updated the colors, fonts and styles to accomodate color blind users
  • Optimized all the images to make them as small as possible without degradation (Achieved ~50% reduction in size)


  • Fonts has its own section now
  • Quick Menu and Profiles has its own section now
  • Expanded Plugins section to include contrib and external plugins
  • Rewritten Highlighting, Bookmarks and Notes section
    • “Highlight icon” in the File Browser
    • Bookmarks: filter by highlight style
    • Multiple highlights and notes
  • Expanded Export section
    • Export multiple files
    • Export to clippings format
    • Export to memos format
    • See and choose export folder
  • Added Keyboard shortcuts section for non-touch devices and Linux
  • Added full list of actions that is available in Gesture Manager


  • Partial rendering
  • Translate current page
  • Scrolling modes
  • Creating a profile with current document settings
  • Open with: Archive viewer
  • Open with: Image viewer
  • Patch manager
  • Menu search
  • Location history
  • Setting to turn off flashing on pages with images
  • Ability to change statistics calculation time
  • Clearing PDF cache
  • Switching the style to HTML5 to fix some problems
  • Toggle status bar via gestures or Quick Menu
  • Scrollable Quick Menu
  • “Move to archive” availability in Gesture Manager
  • Custom book cover setting
  • Using “Exit screensaver” gesture as a pseudo lock screen
  • Tap on time to show date
  • Verbose logs procedure in How to report problems section


  • File Browser
  • Skim widget
  • Book map menu

We’d like to thank all contributors for their efforts. Some highlights since the previous release include:

Full changelogclosed milestone issues

Installation instructions: AndroidCervantesChromeOSKindleKoboPocketBookReMarkableDesktop LinuxMacOS

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