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KOReader 2023.03 “Cherry Blossom”

As one of the maintainers of KOReader, a versatile a document and image viewer, I’m proud to announce the latest release.


Android users on aarch64 are advised not to use the built-in updater until after installing this release (#10068). On systems supporting both 32-bit and 64-bit the 32-bit version will be installed; on systems only supporting 64-bit the upgrade should normally refuse to install.

For advanced users, there’s a new patch manager to easily enable or disable patches (#9970). See here for more information about how to set it up. Be cautious and don’t play with it if you’re not prepared to have to intervene from outside to fix things.

A big under the hood change is partial rerendering (#10124), which enables seeing the results of changed display settings much more quickly:

With EPUB documents (having multiple fragments), text appearance adjustments can be made quicker by only rendering the current chapter.
After such partial renderings, the book and KOReader are in a degraded state: you can turn pages, but some info and features may be broken or disabled (ie. footer info, ToC, statistics…).
To get back to a sane state, a full rendering will happen in the background, get cached, and the document will be seamlessly reloaded after a brief period of inactivity.
An icon in the top left (that you will soon be ignoring) indicates at what step this process is:
Document is partially rendered. Page count, footer info and many things are innacurate. Reading statistics accounting is disabled. You can turn pages, jump links, notice how the new settings look, change settings again…
A full rendering is happening in the background. You can still turn pages, jump links, change settings…
The full rendering is done, but not yet applied: KOReader is waiting for you to be idle to reload. You can still turn pages, jump links, change settings…
You’ve been idle, KOReader is blocked and reloading the document, which should be quick.
When these icons are gone, you are again in a fully sane and working state.
This feature can be disabled per book with tap, or globally with long-press, on Gear > Document > [x] Enable partial renderings.

Cherry blossom credit:

We’d like to thank all contributors for their efforts. Some highlights since the previous release include:

Full changelogclosed milestone issues

Installation instructions: AndroidCervantesChromeOSKindleKoboPocketBookReMarkableDesktop LinuxMacOS

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