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KOReader 2022.01 “Union of Utrecht”

As one of the maintainers of KOReader, a versatile a document and image viewer, I’m proud to announce the latest release.

KO january A-01

The Pragmatic Sanction of 1549, as well as the Unions of Atrecht and Utrecht are important markers in the history of the low countries. We should be wary of attaching too much importance to such historical facts, but it’s certainly defensible that the present-day nations of the Netherlands and Belgium sprang from these pro- and anti-Spanish alliances.

The Union of Utrecht is best characterized as a military alliance to defend freedom of religion against a governor who was not prepared to make even a single concession. By signing the Union of Utrecht, the eternal departure from Spanish king Philip had been made official. Formally this didn’t happen until two years later, when Philip decided to declare William of Orange a wanted man. This directly led to the States-General declaring the Act of Abjuration. Not only did the States-General not leave a shadow of a doubt as to their thoughts on the matter, but it made reconciliation impossible. A total victory over the Spanish was the only solution. So it goes.

Book Map and Page Browser

Perhaps the most interesting additions this month are the Book map and Page browser (#8613). The book map shows a map of the content of a book, including the ToC, bookmarks, read pages and non-linear flows. The page browser shows thumbnails of pages. There are quite a few explanatory screenshots in this comment, or of course you can just play with it yourself.

File Browser

The file browser has been expanded with a basic select mode (#8595), making it easier to apply certain actions like deleting or moving to multiple files at once. Additionally, there’s a new display for the number of files and subfolders in folders (#8598).

All the Rest

Logo credit: @bubapet

We’d like to thank all contributors for their efforts. Some highlights since the previous release include:

  • New lights driver for Onyx, as well as support for Onyx Nova Air, Onyx Nova 3 Color, Onyx Darwin 7 (#8562) @pazos
  • Menu widget: add extra (left) title button (#8564) @hius07
  • Various improvements to the Exporter plugin:
    • [plugin] Exporter: add support (#8548) @dgarrett
    • [plugin] Exporter: handle newlines in HTML highlight export (#8551) @dgarrett
    • [plugin] Exporter: HTML template fix (#8592) @hius07
    • [plugin] Exporter: ensure we’re connected before sending highlights (#8604) @dgarrett
  • [UX] CloudStorage redesign (#8569) @hius07
  • [CI] Update macOS GitHub Action to macOS 11 (#8525) @sayomelu
  • [fix] batterystat: change per hour (#8582) @hius07
  • Style tweaks:
    • Style tweaks: add in-page classic classname Polish footnotes (#8587) @Frenzie
      Style tweaks allow customizing how EPUB and FB2 documents are displayed far beyond the simple toggles in the interface. See here for more information. By default classic classname footnotes are not enabled, since they are a workaround for older documents that predate proper footnote support in EPUB.
    • Style tweaks: add “Ignore publisher line-break restrictions” (#8640) @poire-z
  • Filemanager select mode: add folder buttons (#8595) @hius07
  • Screensaver: allow limiting stretch of covers and images (#8570) @zwim
  • Dropbox: upload file, create folder (#8610) @hius07
  • OPDS: add Standard Ebooks server (#8606) @QJKX
  • FileChooser: show nb of files and subdirs in folders (#8598) @hius07
  • Add Book map and Page browser features (#8613) @poire-z
  • Adding some combinations with accents and breathings with letters “α” and “η” to Greek keyboard (#8622) @ichnilatis-gr
  • Wallabag : adds an option to send the review as tags on wallabag (#8637) @agallou
  • Pocketbook: switch the Wi-Fi on before attempting to connect (#8546) @andrewshadura

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