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KOReader 2021.12 “Belisarius”

As one of the maintainers of KOReader, a versatile a document and image viewer, I’m proud to announce the latest release.


Around this time of year back in 533, Belisarius defeated the Vandals in the Battle of Tricamarum. Incidentally, there are also some amusing legends surrounding Belisarius’ menorah. According to Procopios, after Belisarius took Carthage in 534 a menorah was part of the loot. But once the lamp arrived in Constantinople, a Jew visiting Justinian pointed out that the religious artifact had brought disaster to every city it had ever been in: Jerusalem had been conquered by the Romans, Rome had been sacked by the Vandals, and Carthage in turn had been conquered by the Byzantines. On second thought, The Menorah of Destruction would’ve been a more exciting name for this release, wouldn’t it? Maybe next year.

Hiding under the unassuming commit message speaking of group operations, the file browser now supports applying actions to multiple files (#8536). It works through the Select files action in the Plus (+) menu.

The event dispatcher can now be used to set a specific font face (#8555).

And last but not least, hanging punctuation has been made just a little more beautiful (#8528).

Logo credit: @bubapet

We’d like to thank all contributors for their efforts. Some highlights since the previous release include:

Full changelogclosed milestone issues

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