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KOReader 2021.05 “Yellow Daffodil”

As one of the maintainers of KOReader, a versatile a document and image viewer, I’m proud to announce the latest release.


It was a nice spring month with a great quantity of smaller bug fixes, but nothing huge. In other news, there’s a new contrib repository that can more freely accept most user plugin submissions regardless whether we think it fits in with the rest of the program. Please see the README over there for more information.

Image credit: Daffodil, Harmsworth’s Universal Encyclopedia, 1900

We’d like to thank all contributors for their efforts. Some highlights since the previous release include:

  • [plugin] Add a caching mechanism for CoverImage (#7510) @zwim
  • Gestures: Allow disabling tap and/or swipes for page turns (#7572) @gbyl
  • PocketBook: Workaround platform shenanigans when aplying an OTA (#7585) @NiLuJe
  • CloudStorage (FTP): Do not buffer entire download in memory (#7597) @null-dev
  • Dispatcher: add “Toggle status bar” action (#7606) @hius07
  • bump crengine: more granular font weights (#7616) @poire-z
  • Kindle: Enable AutoSuspend plugin (#7612) @NiLuJe
  • FM/RD lifecycle cleanup; Cache revamp; unbreak AutoSuspend (#7624) @NiLuJe
  • DropboxAPI: Handle pagination (#7621) @reuning
  • android: Prompt for install updates when they’re downloaded (#7632, #7649, #7657) @pazos
  • [chore] Move SDL check to the end of Device’s probe function (#7682) @pazos
  • InputDialog: add ‘Go to line’ button (#7673) @hius07

Full changelogclosed milestone issues

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