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Twitter and Facebook Don’t Support SVG Yet

Ten years ago I complained that SVG facicons weren’t supported yet. We still suffer from this issue, but a comparatively new corollary problem has joined it.

Facebook’s OpenGraph and Twitter Cards are mostly an annoying duplication of standardized metadata (more details here). Moreover, you can just leave out the nonsense because it will fall back on regular meta description. Always good to know.

Anyway, the main and perhaps only redeeming feature here is that they allow you to specify images to display. That’s cool. It makes your posts stand out better. Here’s how that looks for my snarky post about WordPress trying to sell me some nonsense about Firefox 52:

But then I innocently tried to use an SVG image for a post.

Well, that’s a bit more boring. The Twitter card validator only reports successes in spite of the glaring failure. Facebook’s debugger has something slightly more useful to say about it:

Provided og:image URL, does not have a supported extension.

It’s 2018 and this is a thing. You’ll either have to manually add a PNG or JEPG or do it programmatically. Grmbl.

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