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No Taco Bell Allowed in the EU

I know that Taco Bell’s lack of presence in Europe is simply a business decision, and that Taco Bell is actually expanding into Europe. Nevertheless, while I was thinking about the EU and Taco Bell simultaneously, I figured a “Taco Bell forbidden” rule, demonstrated by signs at customs, was as good an explanation as any. Besides, it ought to look funny, right? So I grabbed the EU flag, the Taco Bell logo and a random forbidden sign from Wikipedia, and I combined them. By the way, Wikipedia is a fantastic repository for SVG images of road signs, flags and the like.

No Taco Bell Allowed in the EU Spoof Logo

No Taco Bell Allowed in the EU Spoof Logo Wavy


SVG Favicons Are Not Supported Yet

I really want to do the following, but I’m still stuck with Microsoft’s icon format and PNG.

<link rel="shortcut icon" href="some-vector-image.svg" type="type="image/svg+xml">

I’m especially surprised that Google Chrome doesn’t support this. They do the whole web application thing; which utilizes the favicons of sites as application icons. SVG would be perfect to also offer a nice larger size icon. Another thing I didn’t know is that IE7 still doesn’t support PNGs as favicons.

Last, but not least, here is the favicon I created in the end: A favicon that depicts the face of a monkey..

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