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ClearType and IE7
At the IEblog a little was posted about ClearType in IE7. Of course this was posted at a time more suitable for Americans, so it was already filled with comments. Thus my opinion had already been posted by someone else. Why is this a setting in IE 7 and not taken from the system wide […] Read more.
A review of reviewers and the Arctic Monkeys
Zak Tell, the vocalist of Clawfinger, posted his opinion on some of the music journalists out there. If a rock journalist uses 5 lines to sum up an album that is 40 minutes long, contains 11 tracks, has taken about a year to make and includes alot of love, dedication, personal opinions and food for […] Read more.
Observating people in the train
The new ferry has finally been introduced to the Den Helder – Texel line. The older ones already have a screen where you can follow all kinds of information about the trip (distance, speed, water temperature etcetera), which is also being recorded and used for sea research. But now there have also been installed bar-seats […] Read more.
All I’ve posted about recently was music. In fact I have yet another post planned about managing my ripped electronic (lossy) music collection. The past few days I’ve been playing around with various things. I’ve been checking out Last.FM recommendations, I read Last.FM functions better if you have MusicBrainz tags in your music, so I […] Read more.
Musical alphabet
I decided to make an alphabet in music, but it got a little fucked up because I liked too many artists which made a chance. Then I changed by only counting frontnames and not surnames because that made it possible to list more artists without fearing my conscience. This list gives a better insight in […] Read more.
Some more annoyances
The Battlefield 2, Battle for Middle Earth and various other patches require a certain amount of space on your C drive, a drive which I use as a designated Windows drive which is as small as possible (still meaning close to 6GB, Windows seems to require a lot). WinRAR extracts things to your temp directory […] Read more.
Direct IP connect is important, it's not just illegal gamers who find it useful
Who doesn’t hate going to the slow online lobby thing to play an online game? If I know whom I want to play with and I don’t care about the score being kept on some global ranking I want Direct IP connect. The original C&C had it and even though the Westwood Online is now […] Read more.
Jocke unveals Clawfinger secrets
Wether you like Clawfinger or not, I doubt you’d deny that they have this incredible sound, so pay attention if you think your own band doesn’t sound fat enough yet. đŸ˜‰ Jocke composed a gearlist. Well, we’ve always got questions about what gear we’re using, so once and for all….here it is. This is the […] Read more.
Fake Paypal e-mails
I’m not sure if it’s possible that some kind of thing figured out that I have a Paypal account and what e-mail address I use to access it, but on my Hotmail account, the only spam I receive are fake mails which try to make you believe they’re from Paypal. Today one managed to get […] Read more.
Home again
Yesterday, around 20:30. “Well mom, I’ve arrived at my mailbox, so I’m gonna hang up.” “Okay, we’ll talk again tomorrow!” I get my keys out of my pocket to open my mailbox. Two weeks of mail. A bunch of advertisements, a pre-filled transfer form of the health insurance and a specification explaining why the rent […] Read more.
An update on a green design
Geek Philosopher is a resource for royalty-free imagery. As you can see I brought a bit of life into the header by cutting pieces an image from the Outdoor Photos and Backgrounds category. Grass by Sidewalk is the full image for those interested. I took a look around the various categories and most of them […] Read more.
Happy new year
How and when ponies celebrate new year. And my best wishes, of course. Read more.
Moose is back
He has been back for a couple of weeks already, but until today I had not freed the time to read his recent log entries. If you followed my old log, then you are probably aware that my customized Opera browser relies heavily upon his work. If you use one or more of his customized […] Read more.
I never quite followed Friends while it was still on. Over the past two months or so I have been watching all of the Friends episodes (mainly because I liked the show Joey which is a spin-off of Friends) and yesterday I watched the final double episode. In the end I realised that all I […] Read more.
DVD Regions will not cease to exist
Until now, I wasn’t aware of the fact that regions will still exist on Blu-Ray discs. I have to say no more then that the following quote of the article fully represents my opinion. Of course, the pirates who engage in video swashbuckling are quite capable of removing this region encoding, meaning that the black […] Read more.
A new WordPress, a new weblog
Actually the release of WordPress 2.0 and this new weblog have no connection at all, it just so happened that Ethan gave me this as a Christmas present at the same time WordPress 2.0 was released. I knew for sure that I wanted to try something other than WordPress 1.5 and what can be better for that […] Read more.
Aha, I am a student
For this entry we’ll have to go back in time. It was last year, September 2004, the second week of my first year in university. I was in Amsterdam switching trains. A blond pretty girl sat down next to me. She was 20 years old and happened to study psychology at the same university. You […] Read more.
An assignment
Melantrys passed some meme to me, and, in lack of a different weblog, I decided to post this here for now and not in a comment. Else this place [the MyOpera blog] looks so deserted… oh wait, it already did? I can only say one thing to that: bluh. Seven Things I Plan To Do […] Read more.
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