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Scrolling on Google Maps

I don’t know when they added it, but it’s brilliant. Just scroll to zoom in and out.

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Microsoft and bug reports

I’ve dealt with reporting bugs to Opera and WordPress. Also to some PHP projects and other things where I usually know the developers personally, or have nice chat/mail conversation with them (further unrelated to the bug as they all happened to use trac).

Apperently submitting a bug report to Microsoft is a whole lot harder.

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You're going to like this…

…unless you don’t like the Simpsons. Now in real life.

Via Sushubh.

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Internet Explorer mockery

There are a few sort of old sites I wanted to tell you about anyway. is the logical answer to Firefox helps communist nations, switch back to IE! The content on the site is too obviously fake to be funny though.

Then there’s I consider it quite a brilliant action by whoever bought the domain.

Meanwhile, Opera Mini is the only Opera related thing I’ve been spreading lately. Everybody in my circle of friends already switched to Firefox or Opera, so there seems little left to be done.

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An update on a green design

Geek Philosopher is a resource for royalty-free imagery. As you can see I brought a bit of life into the header by cutting pieces an image from the Outdoor Photos and Backgrounds category. Grass by Sidewalk is the full image for those interested.

I took a look around the various categories and most of them are pretty good pictures. I am not sure about the exact copyrights on any of them, as I couldn’t find any pictures labeled with any of the descriptions which are on the about page of the site. I suppose I’ll take a new fresh look tomorrow at that aspect of the site tomorrow after a good night’s sleep.

Luckily as far as the design is concerned I haven’t yet managed to break anything in IE (although the gravatars are a pixel off). I might go with alpha-transparant PNG’s though for some of the transparancy effects, as that would certainly make a much smaller image load and it would make things look somewhat less prettier in IE. After all, I do want people to switch to Firefox, Opera, Safari or whatever else isn’t so annoying to anyone who wants to do a little bit more with CSS.

If you take a look around in my CSS file you’ll notice that I’m trying something new. Over the past half year I switched from full CSS to very compact CSS, but that’s not really a difference. The thing I’m experimenting with here is to indent those properties which are basically a sort of subproperties of a certain thing to increase readability. I must say it’s already working out quite well.

So drop your suggestions now, as this is the layout I plan to extend on in the close future.

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